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  /_   _/      ___
   /  /___ ___/ _ \          __
 _/  //   /__/ // //  //||_/|__
/____/\__/__ \__\\|__//-|| \|__ Networks, Ltd.

Welcome to the IceQuake.net / Shell5.com AFS Service.

This server is located in Rolla, MO, USA, and is a dual PPro-200 1MB
with 768megs RAM, 18GB UW-SCSI root disk, running Debian GNU/Linux.
The AFS cell is stored on an 500GB RAID-5 mirror using ReiserFS.
Connectivity is provided through a 1-Mbit/s cable uplink.

/pub :  public information/software/media archives
/tmp :  public temporary dropoff/storage (deleted periodically)

The purpose of this archive is to maintain a reposity of information
represented in digital form, such as:
- digitized printed material, as well as digital texts
- sound, music, video, and other multimedia, as space allows
- software, including source codes when possible

We do not intend to breach copyright, but to serve the public with abandoned,
rare, and otherwise difficult-to-find material that may otherwise be lost.

If you have any questions or wish to report a broken/corrupt or
illegal file somewhere, please mail afs@icequake.net.

For general information about AFS, see http://grand.central.org.

General categories:
/audio:   Sound clips and various sound-related material
/emu:     Pertaining to physical software media archival and physical
                machine emulation
/library: Archives of printed material and digital texts
/mirror:  Preservation of internet sites, for backup purposes or for
                improving accessibility
/music:   Recordings of musical performances, commercial and non-commercial
/pic:     Images, artwork, comics, etc.
/video:   "Multimedia": movies, cartoons, trailers, 

Special-interest categories:
/bbs:    Material having to do with the classic dialup BBS and its
                associated scene
/os2:    Material related to the IBM OS/2 operating system
/pc:     Material related to PC/x86 hardware and operating systems
/sgi:    Material related to Silicon Graphics UNIX/MIPS workstations

/adm:    Admin scripts

Uploading to /tmp:

Windows XP: Creating a Web Folder

1. Double-click on the MY NETWORK PLACES icon on your Desktop or from your START button.
2. Click on ADD A NETWORK PLACE from the NETWORK TASKS menu on the left side of the window.
3. The ADD A NETWORK PLACE WIZARD will open. Click NEXT.
5. In the INTERNET OR NETWORK ADDRESS field enter http://afswww.icequake.net/tmp and click NEXT.
6. Enter a Name to label the link, and Click FINISH.
7. A Windows Explorer window will appear. You may then Click FINISH to OPEN or Click Cancel to exit.
8. A Shortcut has been created in your My NETWORK PLACES. Open MY NETWORK PLACES. Drag and drop the web folder icon to your desktop for future access. 

ERROR: If you receive an ERROR when you Click "Next" after entering the server address in the Add Network Place Wizard, you need to apply the following Web Folders software update from Microsoft: Software Update for Web Folders (Microsoft.com). After installing the Microsoft update you will have to restart your PC and begin again with Step 1 OR Use One-Step Setup.

ERROR: If there are problems check whether WebClient Services is running in the Windows Services console (services.msc).

Windows Vista: Creating a Web Folder

1. In "Computer" Right-Click an open area on the right side of the Window, then select "Add a Network Location".
2. The "Add Network Location Wizard" will appear. Click "Next".
3. When asked, "Where do you want to create this network location?" select Choose a custom network location. Click "Next".
4. When asked to "Specify the location of your website" in the Internet or network address field, enter http://afswww.icequake.net/tmp and click "Next".
5. When asked, "What do you want to name this location?" enter a label of your choosing. Click "Next".
6. When you see "Completing the Add Network Location Wizard" Check the box "Open the network location when I click Finish" and Click "Finish" (it may take some time for the Web Folder to open the first time).
7. A Network Location has been created in the "Network Location" section of Computer with the label you choose. (Hint: You can Right-click the Network Location and select "Send to... Desktop" to create an additional shortcut on your desktop). 

Mac OS X: Connecting to a WebDAV Server

1. From "Go" on the Finder Menu Select Connect to Server... or Press Command-K.
2. For "Server Address" use: http://afswww.icequake.net/tmp
3. Learn more at Apple's WebDAV page.