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I've only worked with 12 inch Apple 166MHz Pentium PC Compatibility Cards, so keep that in mind when following tips or observations that I have made. The Mac Dos Card forum is a great place to post your questions. Another FAQ worth mentioning is the FAQ for the PC Compatibility cards.

Where can I find PDF manuals and user guides?

What type of cards did Apple make?

What cards can I install in my Mac?

What OSs (operating systems) can I run on my card?

Where can I download the drivers and software?

Can I upgrade the RAM on the card?

What type of RAM should I use?

Can I upgrade the processor on my card?

What is a container?

Can I use a DOS formatted HD instead of containers?

Can I use Softwindows or SoftPC containers with my card?

I'm ready to install my card. What do I do?

Here are some key combinations that you need to know while in the PC environment:

My card is installed, now what?

PC Setup 2.1.7f

Download the PDF manual and READ ALL of it before attempting to install PC Setup 2.1.7f:

It's always a good idea to make a copy of your container before and after you install anything in your PC environment. So now would be a good time to make a copy of your container. Especially since you could lose everything you've just done if you install it incorrectly. From here, you're on your own, because I haven't installed it yet, and it will be a while before I can...But below is some general information from their web site, including the software and liscense code ^_^


Authorization Code and License Information:
During the installation, you will be prompted to enter an authorization code and licensing information. Enter the following information:

Below is the small FAQ they had on their web site in it's entirety:

What should I do to shut down the PC side?

What should I do when my DOS Compatible Mac (should be card?) freezes in Windows?

My computer often freezes when I start the DOS/Windows side of my Mac. What could be causing this?

When I try to enter Windows, it brings up the splash screen, then exits back to the prompt.

How do I eject diskettes and CDs in Windows?

Do I need to do anything special to install software?

What allocation of memory do you recommend?

Is there any way to have the Internet software working on both sides without rebooting the computer?

How do I create a new drive container? (What if my existing drive container is too small?)

How do I set up a modem for use on the DOS side?

Is there a way to run AppleShare in Windows?

How does Windows 95 or 98 work on the Macintosh/DOS Compatible machines?

How do I know what version of Win95 is running on my PC?

Is my computer a PCI or a NuBus machine?

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