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K-STAR 9.2 New Features and Enhancements

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K-STAR 9.2 New Features and Enhancements (345178-BP99)

Product: FastPath 4 v9.1.2 K-Star
FastPath 4 v9.2 K-Star
FastPath 5 v1.0
3rd Party Product(s): Release Date: Pending

This doc. waiting for correct Intel Network Systems, Inc. (formerly Shiva Corporation) Sales phone number and e-mail address.

K-STAR 9.2 contains the following new features and enhancements:

TunnelTalk. An IP tunneling routing protocol that encapsulates AppleTalk* traffic in IP and exchanges routing information. TunnelTalk reduces traffic for routing across wide area network connections. It lets network managers connect AppleTalk Internetworks using FastPaths through IP networks (that do not support EtherTalk*), simply by entering the IP address of the other FastPath. TunnelTalk is a point to point protocol, that is tunnels are created between 2 end points (FastPaths). Both sides of the connection need to be speaking TunnelTalk. You cannot create a tunnel between a FastPath speaking TunnelTalk and a Gatorbox speaking Cayman tunnels (although both protocols can coexist on the same wire). Intel Network Systems, Inc. (formerly Shiva Corporation) is the first vendor to implement TunnelTalk so at this point in time, both routers at either end of the tunnel must be FastPaths.

Zone Filtering. Allows network managers to configure which zones LocalTalk* users can access and designate which zones are exported through IP Tunnels (TunnelTalk). Zone filtering can be used as a security mechanism because it limits the propogation of networks and zones through RTMP and ZIP, and limits the forwarding of certain NBP packets used to discover and use services. It can also be used to ease management of sites with large zone lists by allowing users to see only the zones they need to see.

Device Filtering. Enables network managers to configure which devices are "advertised" through the FastPath's different ports. Ports include: EtherTalk Phase 1, EtherTalk Phase 2, IPTalk, IP Tunnel connections, and LocalTalk. The wildcard characters equals and approximately equals are accepted in the Object and Type fields. Device filtering works by filtering NBP reply packets passing through a FastPath.

SNMP Commmunity Table. Communities are used as a security mechanism for SNMP. You can now configure up to 6 communities with varying access capabilities including: No Accesss, Read Only, Clear Stats and Configure.

UDP Time Server. You can now configure which time server the FastPath will gets its timing information from. In previous versions of K-star, the FastPath would broadcast its request for this information.

Syslogging. You can now configure a syslog host to store FastPath log information on. This feature requires syslogd to be running on the UNIX* host.

Log Message Filtering. You can filter log messages that get stored on a syslog host and/or messages that get sent to the log internal to the FastPath. Message filtering for internal log messages is based on priority (which is a value assigned by K-star and not user-configurable). Internal log filtering allows the user to filter out messages with a priority of "Info," including network status and adjacency messages. With syslog filtering, the user can filter out messages with priority of "Info" and Facility of "INET," "Atalk,, or DECNET" from the syslog. This helps circumvent the problem of having the log fill up informational messages, such as DECnet adjacency and AppleTalk net up and down.

Improved DECnet Management. We now support common NCP commands included show node, show line and circuit stats, show exec characteristics and loop node.

A New Documentation Set. We have rewritten and reorganized the FastPath manuals into a hardware manual and a very complete adminstrator's guide. The guide contains alot of detailed technical info about all of these new features as well as a rewrite of some of the existing info.


K-STAR 9.2 requires a FastPath with 512K Memory- FP5/5R/4+. For information on how to upgrade a FastPath 4, contact Sales at 1-800 97-SHIVA,, or your sales rep directly.

Contact if you have any technical questions concerning the upgrade.


The contents of this document have not been technically reviewed by Shiva, please use this information at your own risk.

This information is supplied without representation or warranty of any kind. Shiva Corporation assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability of any kind arising from supply or use of this material.

The information contained herein is proprietary to Shiva Corporation and/or its vendors, and its use or disclosure is subject to the restrictions stated in the standard Shiva Corporation license terms and conditions or the appropriate third-party sublicense agreement.

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