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call for duty

If you have written certain console related development tools in the glorious Past, we strongly encourage you to dig up your old backups and publish your Sources so people can recompile and/or modify them for current Operating Systems. Please. Help us to support those who just recently discovered the Console Scene for themselves to explore the joy of programming something different. Get in touch with us incase you want to help to preserve your tools for future Console Hackers. Kcomm, Ezoray, Napalm, Blackbag et al - Yes that means YOU !

Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist, you might have the one missing Release that we couldn't find anywhere else!


26/08/2008 some more c64 releases found, wantlist updated, etc. yadda yadda.
22/02/2008 Hooray, many thanks go to bITmASTER who sent us a copy of his old (and now offline) psx and dc development website, so the interisting stuff is now online here. Hopefully more will follow.

Other than that i fixed some links to Documents, made local copies for those which aren't online at other places anymore. updated contiki page. several IDA related things updated, added some more precompiled mn102 IDA modules, added precompiled DOL loader, added updated Allegrex module, added Gekko Extension. some more c64 releases found. and as always, updated the wantlist and added some more Pictures to the Gallery.
30/08/2007 again updated the wantlist. some more Pictures added to the Gallery.
30/07/2007 little update to the wantlist. reworked the interviews page a bit. added a documents page to the c64 section and updated the articles page. and finally i made proper pages in the Toolbox for everything which was formerly hidden on the musoftware ftp, and last not least even added the SAM stuff from Sebastian and me. HAVE FUN!
05/06/2007 added some more c64 Intros. another c64 Demo has been found, and also a bunch of c64 Cracks. added some more Pictures to the Gallery. last not least added GPZs Music Entry for the Oldschool Music Compo at Breakpoint.
02/04/2007 some more C64 Stuff found. added some stuff to the Dreamcast section. See ya at Breakpoint !
24/01/2007 WII have a new Console, and while adding the respective Pages i also added some Gamecube related stuff that i had laying around which could come in handy for WII aswell. moved 2005 news into the Archive. added some pics from TUM to the Gallery. once again added some more stuff to the PSX Section. last not least due to recent happenings on IRC i made a little page related to german Copyright Law.
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