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This page is for those of us who were teased with screenshots and reviews of incredible looking games like Deja Vu 2 and California Raisins, only to have our hopes squashed when the publishers decided that, despite how cool it may have looked to us, for whatever reason they just wouldn't release it. I'm here to give you the chance to finally play some of these lost games, through the wonders of emulation.

Reviewed - Roms and reviews, box art, translation patches, and further information.
Unreviewed - No page for these yet, but that's no reason for me to keep the roms from you, is it?
Unreleased Famicom games - Quite possibly the only resource of it's kind in english.
Dumps - New and upcoming rom releases from yours truly.
Other stuff - Manuals, Nes schematics, the NWC90 cart, and Treasure Master.
Links - To other places of interest.
Grand Nestral Station - Not part of my site, but jhd's section on unreleased games is too good not to be on the front page.

4/11 - There, that looks much better.

In addition to the site's facelift, I've also posted a couple new roms. First is a redump of Doki Doki Yuuenchi (Crazyland) that gets rid of those random stray pixels that were scattered all over the game. Second is a very cool R-Type pirate called Magic Dragon. Those of you who frequent Sardius' board may remeber Magic Dragon from when it auctioned for over $100 several months back. Both are available on the dumps page.

And, I'm sure most of you noticed the problems that have been going on with fefea.org. The majority of the issues have been resolved now, and Sardius explains the details in his livejournal better than I could. Just a minor setback, we're still going strong.

Also, with the redesign here and at fefea.org comes a new address to my site. http://skrybe.fefea.org will always redirect here, and that should be much easier to remember than an IP address. Big, big thanks to TheRedEye for setting this up for me.

3/23 - Finally got working dumps of a couple of those pirate carts that have been on the upcoming list for so long. You can go pick up Street Fighter 3 and Mortal Kombat 4 on the new dumps page.