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A fantabulous new adventure through the depths of human sanity, Project: Sachen will attempt to fully document and review the entire catalog of 50+ Sachen-produced games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

But what'll we do 'till then???

You can gander at a sneak preview of what's to come by checking out Jovial Race here. OR...

..you can download the official Project: Sachen video game, The Tao of 007, by clicking here. This game was coded by Quietust, using graphics and music from Sachen's Poker III: 5 in 1, voice clips authored by lugnut, and a title screen designed by yours truly.

There are two Easter eggs: one at the title screen and one within the game itself. If you can't figure them out, you're a pussy and you can't join my gang.

That's it for now. Future updates will be posted both here and at TheRedEye.net.


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