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Online Love Diary Thing
03/24/2003 - Holy crap.  Despite my pathetic ramblings yesterday, I didn't actually expect to receive any site birthday gifts.  But I did.  Oh, how I did.  Check this craziness out:

I wouldn't eat that cake - you never know where those nasty pirate carts have been, after all - but still, I greatly appreciate the sentiment.

This amazing work of art was created by the inimitable BMF54123, master of romhacking and wakkie artistry.  Thank you so, so much, sir.  I'm in awe of your generosity and talent.

The other (somewhat questionable) gift I received yesterday was - get this - an actual update from Drakee.  How about that.  An update from Drakee is truly something to cherish, and this particular missive from him is entirely dedicated to my site's fourth birthday.  Once again, I am honored.  Thanks, bro.

That's all.  You may now return to your rom downloading and Fun Club newsletter perusing.  Thank you for your patronage.

03/23/2003 - Today is a very special day indeed.  What's the occasion, you may ask?  Well, four years ago on this date, I started a little website in order to distribute my newly-dumped rom of Bible Buffet.  That's right, The Sardius Experience is four years old today.  Happy birthday, you gorgeous purple-swathed thing, you.

So what can you do to show the Experience that you love her on her birthday?  Well, you can leech some new roms for starters.  There's some actual good ones in this batch, too.  Ones that you'll want to play.  Seriously.  Does the name Stadium Events mean anything to you?  Yeah, thought so.  I've also finally made my scans page public, even though it's still in its preliminary stages (ie. completely reliant on Netscape Composer's default colors and styles, and thus ugly as hell).  I wanted to make it look at least somewhat presentable before I linked to it on the main page and all, but the fact is, I'm just not feeling too creative with html right now.  Alas.

Anyway, the reason why I'm reviving the scans section now is simple.  In honor of the Experience's fourth birthday, and as a present to the (mostly undeserving) NES community, I've uploaded a full set of scans from Nintendo Fun Club News, Issue #1.  Yes, the same newsletter that once sold for over $1,000 and was recently sold (by me) as part of a complete set for $300 is now yours to view freely and in full, without cost or obligation.  Enjoy.

But what else can you do for my site on her fourth birthday?  Well, I hear she likes candy.  Cadbury Caramel Eggs, to be specific.  E-mail me if you want an address to send your Cadbury Egg contributions to.  Also, she likes money.  Lots and lots of money.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind receiving several sackfuls of cash or a paypal contribution or three as a present.  Neither would I, actually.  Hardly anybody remembered my birthday on the 14th of last month, you know, and now would be a great chance to make up for your forgetfulness, don't you think?  You rat bastards.

03/11/2003 - There be new roms afoot.  Check the text within that link for details about how I'm going to be handling releases from now on, would you?  Thanks.

In related news, I've set up an archive that documents every single bit of NES dumping-related news that has occurred over the last few years.  Though the roms on that page are no longer downloadable (for reasons that shall remain ambiguous, because I'm a jerk like that), I still think it's neat to read about all the victories and advancements we've made in emulation and rom dumping over the years.  What's not so neat, though, is rereading those old updates and remembering how retarded I once was.  I mean sure, a good chunk of that retardation lingers on in me today, but back then?  Jeez.  "Rare ROMs," indeed.

And surprisingly, this thing hasn't turned out to be nearly as bad an idea as I thought it would be.  I never knew that I craved instant attention and feedback relating to my life's failures and general stupidity, but now that I'm getting it, I don't know how I ever lived without it.  Greets, shout-outs, and assorted props go out to all you friendly people out there in livejournal land, for being so awesome.  I love you all.  In a totally non-Chaz way, of course.