Essential Files



Files to make your emulators run

Many emulators require files that are not included in the package you downloaded.  Be they BIOS images, disks images, or DOS extenders, it can be a pain to try and find them on the web.

With this in mind, I've compiled a list of them which you can download from here.  Note that emulators may not exist for all of these yet, but they're here for when they are!

Please only download ROM and disk image files if you own the original machine or software.  I can not be held responsible for any misuse.


Acorn Atom ROM images
BBC Micro OS 1.2 image
BBC Micro DNFS image
Acorn RiscOS 3 images


Apple ][e rom
Apple Mac Quadra
Apple Mac Quadra 650
Apple Mac 128kB rom image
Apple Mac 1MB rom image


Atari 5200 rom
Atari 800 Basic rom
Atari 800 OS B rom
Atari 800XL rom
Atari 7800 rom
Atari Jaguar bios image
Atari Lynx boot rom image
Atari ST TOS 1.00 image
Atari ST TOS 2.06 image

©2000 A. Kavanagh



CPC 464 rom image
CPC 664 rom image
CPC 6128 rom image

MSX Disk rom image
MSX 2 rom image
MSX 2 EXT rom image



C64 Kernal rom
C64 Characters rom
C64 Basic rom
C64 1541 Disk rom
C16 Rom images
Vic 20 Rom images
Amiga Kickstart 1.1
Amiga Kickstart 1.2
Amiga Kickstart 1.3


ZX81 rom image
Z88 rom image
Sinclair QL rom images

Texas Instruments

Astrocade rom image
Colecovision bios rom
Jupiter Ace rom image
NeoGeo bios rom set
(required for NeoRAGEx and NeoGeo games in  MAME)
NeoGeo CD system bios rom
NES Disk System rom
(to use NES disk games  in fwnes)
Odyssey 2 bios rom image
Palm OS rom  image
Playstation bios rom
Sam Coupé rom images
Sega 32x bios images
Tandy system images
X68000 bios rom images

TI82 rom image
TI83 rom image
TI85 rom image
TI99 rom image

DOS Extenders