Enough, I hear you say, where are the ROMs?


System File Type Works On
Apple Macintosh 1Mb ROM (Checksum 420DBFF3)

1Mb ROM (Checksum EDE66CBD)

1Mb ROM (Checksum FF7439EE)

Fusion, ShapeShifter, BasiliskII
Apple Macintosh 512k ROM (Checksum 350EACF0)

512k ROM (Checksum 35C28F5F)

512k ROM (Checksum 368CADFE)

Fusion, ShapeShifter, BasiliskII
Apple Macintosh 2048k ROM (Checksum B6909089) None as yet
Apple Macintosh 256Kb ROM None
Apple Macintosh 128Kb ROM VMac
Apple Macintosh Mac OS 8.0 Fusion, BasiliskII
Apple Macintosh Control Panels for OS8 Fusion, ShapeShifter, BasiliskII
Apple Macintosh HFV Explorer Util for reading Mac volumes/CDs under Windows
Acorn BBC ROM Image ?
Acorn Archimedes RiscOS 3 ROM Archie
Atari 5200 BIOS Image ?
Atari 7800 BIOS Image ?
Atari Jaguar BIOS Image Jagulator
Atari ST TOS 2.06 PacifiST, Gemulator
Atari ST TOS 1.00 PacifiST, Gemulator
Amstrad PCW BIOS Image No idea
Atari Lynx BIOS Image Handy, others
HP48GX ROM Image ?
Tatung Einstein ROM Image/Docs ?
Sony Playstation BIOS Image PSEmu, PsykE
Neo-Geo CD BIOS Image ?
Neo-Geo BIOS Image NeoRAGE, MAME?
Sega Saturn BIOS Image ?
3Com Palm Pilot ROM Image (Palm OS 1) CoPilot
Tandy Color Comp BIOS Image ?
Vectrex BIOS Image ?
Sega 32X BIOS Image Vegas, Ages

A Note from Mike:

People are STILL asking me to send them Fusion. I suggest that if you want a fast OS8 compatible Mac emu, try BasiliskII as it's a lot faster and easier to set up than the overpriced bodge job that is Fusion.

All Amiga files have been removed. Thank Cloanto for trying to milk as much cash out of nostalgic Amiga fans as possible.

Other Stuff

Game Icons, most of which were made by me, for emulators etc.

Nice Women Startup/Shutdown logo scheme for Windows 98 starring Dannii Minogue.


All files are on webspace that is a bit unreliable, so if they disappear it's because the server is down or I have been rumbled.

Hard To Find donations are always gratefully accepted. Currently atop my wanted list are:

Palm 5 or 7 ROM

Tandy 1000/IBM PC Jr ROM Image

Help with these will benefit the masses. You know it makes sense.

NOTE: You are only allowed to download these files if legally entitled to do so.