TRS 80 Hardware Manual Download Page


These are large files and I request that you only download them during evenings(6p.m-6a.m central) and weekends.  If day usage becomes excessive, I will remove them from this site.

The following manuals are zip files of scans of the manuals converted to PDF format.  They were scanned at 300 dpi and converted straight to PDF.  No OCR was done as it seemed to really mess things up.

LNDoubler 5/8 Double Density Adapter for Model 1 *

Model III Operations and Basic Manual

Model III Disk Operations and Basic Manual

Model III Hi-Res Graphics Board Manual

Model III Disk Modification Kit *

MDX-6 Disk Upgrade for Model III

Model IV Disk System Operations Manual

Introduction to the Model IV Disk System

Model IV Quick Reference Guide

Model 4 Hard Drive Disk Instructions *

Model 4 Computer Graphics *

Model 4/4P Hard Drive System Startup *

Model 4P Modem Operation Manual *

Model 4P Reference Guide *

Model 4P Introduction to Disk System *

Model II Operations Manual

Model 12 Operations Manual

Model 16 Operations Manual

Pocket Computer PC-1 Operations Manual

Pocket Computer PC-1 Printer Manual

Pocket Computer PC-1 Service Manual *

Pocket Computer PC-2 Operations Manual

Pocket Computer PC-2 Printer/Plotter/Cassette Interface Manual

Pocket Computer PC-2 Service Manual

Pocket Computer PC-4 Service Manual

Pocket Computer PC-6 Service Manual

VS-100 Voice Synthesizer User Manual

DMP-105 Operations Manual *

DMP-130 Operations Manual *

DMP-500 Operations Manual

DMP-200 Operations Manual

Line Printer VI Operations Manual

Daisy Wheel II Printer Manual

DMP-120 Operations Manual *

CTR-80A Computer Cassette Recorder *

CCR-82 Computer Cassette Recorder *

Model 100 Quick Reference Guide *

Model 100 Manual *

Model 100 Acoustic Coupler *

Model 100 Disk/Video Interface *

Model 100 Service Manual

Model 100 Portable Disk Service Manual

Pocket Computer PC-3 Operations Manual

Tandy 600 Operations Manual

Tandy 102 Owner's Manual *

DT-1 Data Terminal Owner's Manual

Tandon Disk Drive Owner's Manual *

CM-4 Color Monitor Service Manual

Network Controller 3 *

CoCo Modem Pak *

CoCo RS232 Pak *

Model 4 Page Scanner *

Model 1400LT Modem Users Manual *

CCR-82 Service Manual *

DMP-110 Owners Manual *

Line Printer Service Manual *

Line Printer II Service Manual *

Model 16B Built In Hard Disk *

Pocket Computer PC-4 Owners Manual *

Model 4 Memory Expansion Instructions *