TRS 80 Software Manual Download Page


These are large files and I request that you only download them during evenings(6p.m-6a.m central) and weekends.  If day usage becomes excessive, I will remove them from this site.

The following manuals are zip files of scans of the manuals converted to PDF format.  They were scanned at 300 dpi and converted straight to PDF.  No OCR was done as it seemed to really mess things up.

Model III Visicalc Pocket Reference *

Model IV Quick Reference Guide

Pocket Computer Programs *

Tandy 1000 Personal Deskmate Quick Reference Card (0.5MB)

Model 100 Applications Quick Reference *

Model 100 Quick Reference Guide *

Model 100 BASIC Language Lab *

Model 100 Multi Plan Quick Reference (119K)

FORTRAN Compiler for Model III

Flying Saucers

Raaka Tu

Paddle Pinball

Haunted House



Midway Campaign


Monty Plays Monopoly

Pyramid 2000


Keys of Acheron

Andromeda Conquest

Dunjon Quest

Hellfire Warrior

Floppy Doctor

Series I Editor Assembler


Assembly Language Tutor

COBOL Compiler for Model III

Starfleet Orion

Shootout at the OK Galaxy

Tape Read and Copy

Model III Disk Course

Essential Math

Model 16 Assembler (68000!)

Model 2 Scripsit

Model III Profile 3+

Model III Scripsit

Model III SuperScripsit

Model 4 SuperScripsit

Math Concepts Instruction

NewScript Word Processor

PC-2 Assembly Language Reference



Model III Disk Powertools

Scripsit Quick Reference (200K)

Superscripsit Quick Reference (235K)

Model I/III Advanced Statistical Analysis

Tank Arcade

BASIC Tape Instruction Course


The WORD Processor

Model I/III Time Manager


All Write Word Processor *

Dotwriter 4.0 *

Job Control Language *

Accounts Receivable for Model I/III *

General Ledger 1 *

Dancing Demon *

Ed-It for Model 4 *

Inventory Control System *

Project Manager *

Electronic Websters *

13 Ghosts *

Armored Patrol *

Electric Pencil 2.0 *

Laser Attack *

LeScript *

Magic Carpet *

Planetoid *

Monty Plays Scrabble *

Tandy 200 Multiplan *

Tandy 200 Telecom *

Getting Started with TRS-80 Basic

Copy Cat V 3 *

Copy Cat V 4.1 *

Blackjack & Backgammon

Flight Simulator Tape/Disk *

Portable Computer Subroutine Cookbook *

Orchestra 90 for Color Computer *

TRS-80 Assembly Language Subroutines *

EZ Packet Terminal Program *

Scarf Man

Sword of Roshon

Hall of the Mountain King