The newest TRS-80 Model I/III/IV/4P emulator for Windows 95/NT!

Check out these features!

Full menu control for most features
Separate configurations for Model I/III/IV/4P
Support for up to 8 emulated floppy disks (JV1;JV3;DMK)
Support for up to 8 emulated hard disks
Printer emulation
Timer emulation
Cassette emulation
Full support of all special characters for all models
Resizable window
High res adapter emulation of Radio Shack Model 3 & 4 Boards
High res adapter emulation of Micrographics Model 4 Board
Hish res adpater emulation of Model 1 HRG1B Board
Import/export capability
Direct load of Cassette, Basic, Rom, CMD, and HEX files
Screen Print
Screen Color Settings for each mode
Sound Support with DirectSound or Soundblaster Hardware
Joystick Support
Mouse Support
Speed Controls
VS-100 Voice Synthesizer Support

All this and TOTALLY FREE!

Download Now!!

Program and Docs: wintrs80.zip (Version 2.0)

Update Program Only: wintrsup.zip (Version 2.0)

VS-100 Disk & Docs: voice.zip

You will also need these fonts (install first) trsfonts.zip

Various TRS-80 Manuals are now available!!!! These are PDF files of the manuals. These files are large and I request you download only what you need and ONLY during evening(6p.m.-6a.m. central) and weekend times. Thank you!

If you download any of these manuals, please give me a quick e-mail and let me know which ones you got as I would like to see how well these are used. Thanks again and enjoy!

Manuals marked with an * were scanned and provided by Pete Bumgardner of TRS-80 Again. Many thanks Pete!!!

The manuals are divided into the following sections:

Hardware Reference Manuals

Operating System Manuals

Software Manuals

Comments are always welcome!