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Scratch Upload
The latest Spectrum development tools

Here is a list of some Spectrum development tools I own.
Feel free to download and/or share them, this will made them persist forever.
Visit our Forum if you have questions or suggestions.

Advanced Art Studio
BasComp 2
BetaBasic 4
CP/M Plus 1.0
Cargador Universal de Código Máquina 2.0 - Machine code loader
Hisoft BASIC Compiler 1.0 fixed by Zeljko Juric
Hisoft Basic Compiler 1.1
HiSoft BASIC Compiler 1.2 Plus 3
Hisoft C Compiler 1.3
Hisoft C Compiler 1.3 Plus 3
Hisoft Colt Compiler 1.0
Hisoft Devpac 4.1
Hisoft Devpac 5.1 Plus 3
Hisoft Gens 4.1
Hisoft Mons 4.1
Hisoft Pascal Compiler 1.7
Hisoft Ultrakit 1.1
Micro Prolog 1.0
Professional Adventure Writer (PAW)
PSS MCoder 3
SE Basic 0.83c beta
SE Basic 0.90 alpha
SE Basic Compiler 1.01
Sinclair Logo 1.0 (Spanish)
Sinclair Logo 1.6
Softek 'FP' Basic Compiler 1.7
Softek 'IS' Basic Compiler 1.2
SoundTracker 1.1
Spec Lisp 1.3
Tornado Assembler 1.1
Uschi Compiler 1.2
YS MegaBasic 3.0
Zip Compiler 0.2
ZX Forth 1.1

I am searching for the latest released versions of Spectrum development tools.
My wishlist now includes:

  • Hisoft Basic 1.3
  • Hisoft Basic 1.3 (128K version)
  • Hisoft Basic 1.3 (Plus 3 version)
  • Hisoft Pascal (128K version)
  • Hisoft Pascal (Plus 3 version)

  • If you have anything I have missed, or a newer version, please let me know at

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