NeuroLogic by Joanna and Timothy Leary

NoveltyNet presents what is probably it's most unique exhibit: a fascinating, eccentric, and long out of print book written by Joanna and Timothy Leary during the early 1970s.

The book is more like a pamphlet, obviously printed by a low-budget operation and bearing a stamp on the inner cover from some early 1970s head shop bookstore in San Francisco. It's a combination of psychological speculation, visionary ideas about the future, and wildly eccentric psychedelic gems like "is the nervous system a junky sultan sitting in a warm bath dealing drugs back and forth for kicks?" It contains what is probably one of the earliest versions of Leary's eight circuit model of consciousness. It is quite rare and is not even listed in some lists of Dr. Leary's books.

This work provides a unique insight into the strange soup of ideas that were swirling around at the time. It is preserved here as a specimen of extreme cultural interest. In some ways it's crazy, but in other ways it's inspiring and beautiful.

If anyone has any additional background information, stories, or other tidbits related to this book please e-mail webmaster@noveltynet.org and we can add them here. Also if for any reason any current copyright holders of this work would like this page removed, e-mail us and we will comply. It's been out of print for so long we figured that nobody would mind it being shown here, but let us know if we're wrong.

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