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From: w_tom@my-deja.com
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 21:31:19 PDT

  If lightning were that dangerous, then all operators would remove
their headsets and stop working until the storm has passed.  Telephone
exchanges would often be crashed for days replacing lightning damaged
electronics.  Neither happens because lightning is not the powerful
force at the ground strike region and surge protection has been
demonstrated that effective since the 1930s.

  This thread is full is technical inaccuracies.  For example, one
would recommend a battery backup UPS for surge protection only because
he does not understand fundamentals of surge protection or how a sub
$200 UPS works.  When not in battery backup mode, the computer is
connected directly to the AC power lines via a relay.  A relay is not
surge protection.

  Where surge protection fails, the system did not exist.  Most retail,
plug-in surge protectors are one component of the surge protection
system with the rest of the system missing.  Why do they forget to
disucss other critical parts of that surge protection system on the
box?  That should be obvious.

  The weak link in a surge protection system is the human who does not
know basic fundamentals demonstrated since the 1930s.  We still wire
homes as if the transistor did not exist - because so many humans
worship the words on a plug-in surge protector or UPS box rather than
learn some basic circuit theory.  A surge protector is only as good as
its earth ground - something all but missing on plug-in surge
protectors and in this thread.

In article <JXCv5.33553$3U2.1628404@nntp3.onemain.com>,
  "Lee McCrocklin" <lmccrock@ieee.org> wrote:
> "B. Joshua Rosen" <bjrosen@polybus.com> wrote:
>> If there is enough energy to kill a person holding a plastic
>>phone, how much good will a surge protector do?
> A weak link is the open air gap from the earphone in the handset
>to your ear. It does not matter how much plastic is in the handset.

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