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Roland JUNO-60

  • The Roland Juno-60 is a 61-key, 6-voice, fully programmable polyphonic synthesizer.

  • The Juno-60 includes memory capacity to retain up to 56 different synthesizer patches. (8 patches x 7 banks)

  • Any program in memory can be temporarily edited during live performance, i.e, real-time editing.

  • The Juno-60 features a battery back-up system to retain the programs even when switched off.

  • The Tape Memory interface allows any patch programs to be saved into an ordinary tape recorder for storage and later retrieval.

  • If connecting the Pedal Switch to the PATCH SHIFT jack, you can call the 8 patch programs stored in the same bank one after another, simply by pressing the pedal.

  • The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) guarantees an extremely stable pitch.

  • This is the complete 6-voice, polyphonic synthesizer provided with 6 VCF's, 6 VCA's and 6 ENV's.

  • Wide variation of the Arpeggio Patterns are available by changing the MODE and RANGE switches.

  • The Chorus effect produces rich and expansive sounds.

  • Transposition to any key is possible using the Transpose function.

  • The Juno-60 can be driven by the MC-4 micro-composer using its PCB connector.

  • It is necessary for you to understand the functions of the controls and delections of the Juno-60 perfectly to fully enjoy the advantages of the unit. Some setting examples are shown in this manual to make it easier for you to master how to operate the Juno-60, but you are the one who creates the sounds. Please find out your own setting and new ways of playing.

  • IMPORTANT: Please do not turn the Power switch on immediately after turning it off; wait for a few seconds.
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