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Leka Rescue Floppy README file

Date: 24/07/02
Author: Pasi Rajala <pasi@leka.net>

Read the FAQ at: http://www.leka.net/archive/FAQ

*** Description

   Leka Rescue Floppy is a small Linux distribution that boots from an 1,44Mb floppy
   and runs from the system ram. It was designed to be a rescue floppy, but you can do
   MUCH more with it.
   For more information, visit: http://www.leka.net

*** Downloading

   Leka Rescue Floppy can be downloaded from:


     Mirrors outside Finland are welcome !

*** Requirements
   Leka Rescue Floppy minimum system requirements
   - i386 cpu or better
   - 8Mb of ram
   - Floppy disk drive and one 1,44Mb floppy

*** Install

   Windows install using RawWrite for windows (thanks to Marcel Hicking)

   1. Download and install RawWrite for windows.
        (Get it from http://uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/rawwrite.htm)
   2. Insert a formated 1,44Mb floppy in drive a:
   3. Start RawWrite for windows and enter the LRF image file location to the 'image file' box
   4. Press 'write'

   MS-DOS install using Rawrite

   1. Download and install Rawrite
        (Rawrite can be found at http://www.leka.net/archive/dos/rawrite.zip)
   2. In dos prompt or in dos box type: rawrite -f leka-X.X.X.img -d A: (replace X.X.X with the version number)
   3. Insert a formated 1,44Mb floppy in drive a:
   4. Follow the instructions on the screen
   NOTE: We can not help you with problems you might experience using rawrite, please read the RAWRITE.TXT

   LINUX install

   1. cd to the directory where you downloaded the image
   2. Insert a 1,44Mb floppy to your floppy drive
   3. Type: dd if=leka-X.X.X.img of=/dev/fd0 (replace X.X.X with the version number)


   If you have installed LRF in operating system not listed here.
   You are welcome to send us mail describing the procedure.
   Thanks !

*** People who make it happen
     Tuomas Kokki - reeppi@linuxmail.org - http://reeppi.leka.net/
   Testing, documents and addons
     Pasi Rajala - pasi@leka.net - http://pasi.leka.net/

        Send comments and feedback to leka@leka.net
	You are also welcome to chat with us in irc #lrf at irc.openprojects.net