Hi everyone, I'm Captain CSS,

bringing to you a css plugin for use with a linux dvd player called xine.
Using our software, you are able to view all of your encrypted and locked dvds without even noticing that someone tried real hard to keep you from doing so... finally dvd playback _REALLY_ comes to linux.

installation example (assuming you have already installed xine-lib and xine-ui and downloaded one of the archives):

sh d4d032.txt
tar xfvz xine_d4d_plugin-0.3.2.tar.gz
cd xine_d4d_plugin-0.3.2
make install
d4d plugin
straight movie playback
  d5d plugin
with menu support

NEW 03.07.2002 updated for xine 0.9.12: d4d032.txt [approx 208kb].


NEW 09.07.2002 bringing you the latest in linux dvd technology: d5d027.txt [approx 272kb].

Using cool technology from ogle and these guys now dvd playback with full menu support comes to linux: try the new d5d plugin!

mirrors wanted! Please announce them on the xine-user mailing list

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