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Cable Modem Hacking News:







As promised, The final version of SIGMA 1.3. Please read the enclosed instructions and follow the Installation instructions, Exactly! TCNiSO is now working on another project that will be exclusive to members only. This software should suffice for many ages to come. Finally, TCNiSO in agreement to standard proceedings, SIGMA detection for Non Authored Use for System Admin's is also available on request. Email Author










SIGMA 1.3 Final will be released on this website on Friday the 9th. This will be the most powerful release ever! On another note, we need donations for more equipment for out next project.




Site update

There will be some significant site updates in the days to come. One change, you will no longer be able to download Firmware directly from this website. Stay tuned..




Hacked Firmware Released!

SIGMA Revision 5: PUBLIC is being unleashed, among some of its modifications, is the ability to change Configs via the HTTP interface, by-pass TFTP-Enforce, and also Allows you to disable and enable Firmware Updates. (Screenshot)

There are a few versions, A Public version and a Private version available in the members section of this website. SB3100/4100/4200 Versions will be posted soon.

Official Download Link (SB4100) (SB3100) And Forum Page


 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Cable Modem H


Site Updated

Did some minor changes to the Surfboard Gallery, also added a new SB4220 Image:



 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards


New Firmware Changing Tutorial!

Big news, today we will publish the new method for changing firmware by manually booting the modem from Ethernet. You will now be able to change firmware regardless of what ISP you are on, If you have SNMP access and without a EEPROM programmer! I will be expecting a lot of good conversation on the thread for this topic. (Forum)

TCNiSO Ethernet Boot Tutorial

Surfboard Showcase has been updated too!

I also added a new SB5100 Firmware to the download section: SB5100-


 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards


Site Update

Been adding new sections to site and updating it, also the Surfboard Firmware Page has been updated with the addition of 9 new firmware images, including some much needed EuroDocsis firmware. Link


 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards


Trouble and Update

A Cable System Provider (which will remain anonymous) has in some fucked up way go our previous provider to drop the site "www.cablemodemhack.com" So please use our new direct site link www.tcniso.net to access the site. On the update side, The Surfboard gallery has been updated, the com21 section is assigned and I will be adding the Help / FAQ / Dictionary soon to the site. Enjoy for now



 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards



At approximately 3:38 AM Pacific time, the website reached the one millionth web hit! A truly remarkable standard for any site! And to think its not more than over 3 years ago when the website was put up!


If any images are not showing up, or files not correctly linked, Please email me and let me know, if there is any part of the new website you want to manage, let me know, and if you have any spare Linux shells, once again, let me know! Thanks



 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Uncap Bandwidth Hacking RCA 3COM Com21 Toshiba Firmware


TFTP Enforce Hack Update


(Download Revision B)


                    * INCLUDES  Source Code

                    * INCLUDES  Step By Step Tutorial with Pictures

                    * INCLUDES  Optimized Packet Settings

                    * INCLUDES  Save Options for Settings




 Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Uncap Bandwidth Hacking RCA 3COM Com21 Toshiba Firmware


New Website Design


Okay People, Sorry for the down time, as you can see, a new version of the website is being integrated into this domain. Stay tune, or refresh every hour to see new changes!


TCNiSO Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Uncap Bandwidth Hack

TCNiSO Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Uncap Bandwidth Hacking RCA 3COM Com21 Toshiba Firmware





TCNiSO Presents the first Hmac MD5 brute force cracker for DOCSIS config files! As a connivance update to DiFileCPE (The sites most popular download) Build 114 has much more to offer, including more options, so check it out. On another note, its best to use the smallest size (byte wise) config file from your ISP and you will get best results with a large dictionary list (3MB and 8MB are good, but Better if you find a 1GB list or higher! If you are able to crack the MD5 on your config, you can create valid configs for your ISP .. Good Luck

TCNiSO Cable Modem Hack - Surfboards Uncap Bandw

idth Hacking RCA 3COM Com21 Toshiba Firmware


TFTP Enforce Hack!


(Updated Picture Above)


Yep, Confirmed and working on all the latest Cisco patches. (8/26/03)

You can download the full Utility right here! Another first from TCNiSO (Download)

The Workaround and tutorial was submitted to TCNiSO by our favorite guru ex5101. The official Forum tutorial can be Found here (thepr0jects.com) Enjoy


ing RCA 3COM Com21 Toshiba Firmware



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