TCNISO's linux section is maintained by l3x

Linux cable modem hacking!

linux software I use to flash/uncap/hack cable modems.

traceroute/ping -- The basics
tcpdump -- The classic sniffer for network monitoring and data acquisition
ethereal & tethereal (console version) -- Network protocol analyzer
DSniff: -- Powerful network auditing & penetration-testing tools
Netcat: -- The network swiss army knife
Hping2: -- A network probing utility
Ettercap: In case you still thought switched LANs provide much extra security
Firewalk: -- Advanced traceroute
XProbe2: -- Active OS fingerprinting tool
NGrep: -- Convenient packet matching & display
Nemesis: -- Packet injection simplified
Paketto Keiretsu -- Extreme TCP/IP
Fragroute: -- IDS systems' worst nightmare
TCPTraceroute: -- A traceroute implementation using TCP packets
etherape: -- A graphical network monitor
dig: -- A handy DNS query tool that comes free with Bind
tcpreplay: -- a tool to replay saved tcpdump files
arpwatch: -- Keeps track of ethernet/ip address pairings
nmap: -- The best port scanner :)
docsis: -- DOCSIS configuration file generator.
tftp server

snmp software
thc-rut -- from thc offers a wide range of network discovery tools: arp lookup on an IP range, spoofed DHCP request, RARP, BOOTP, ICMP-ping, ICMP address mask request, OS fingerprintings, high-speed host discovery (capable of discovering a Class B network within 10 minutes)