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[SND]101 Opening.mp32005-09-29 19:39 2.5M 
[SND]102 The Promised Land.mp32005-09-29 19:43 4.6M 
[SND]103 Beyond The Wasteland.mp32005-09-29 19:49 7.2M 
[SND]104 Sign.mp32005-09-29 19:51 2.9M 
[SND]105 Tifa's Theme [Piano Version].mp32005-09-29 19:57 7.4M 
[SND]106 For the Reunion.mp32005-09-29 20:01 4.8M 
[SND]107 Those Who Fight [Piano Version].mp32005-09-29 20:07 7.1M 
[SND]108 Water.mp32005-09-29 21:12 3.8M 
[SND]109 Materia.mp32005-09-29 21:13 1.5M 
[SND]110 Black Water.mp32005-09-29 21:17 5.0M 
[SND]111 Aerith's Theme [Piano Version].mp32005-09-29 21:23 6.8M 
[SND]112 Battle in the Forgotten City.mp32005-09-29 21:28 6.4M 
[SND]113 Violator.mp32005-09-29 21:34 4.7M 
[SND]114 The Great Northern Cave [FFVII AC Version].mp32005-09-29 21:33 3.2M 
[SND]201 Divinity I.mp32005-09-29 20:11 5.2M 
[SND]202 Those Who Fight [FFVII AC Version].mp32005-09-29 20:15 3.7M 
[SND]203 Those Who Fight Further [FFVII AC Version].mp32005-09-29 20:22 8.6M 
[SND]204 Divinity II.mp32005-09-29 20:27 6.3M 
[SND]205 Encounter.mp32005-09-29 20:29 1.7M 
[SND]206 The Chase of Highway.mp32005-09-29 20:37 9.3M 
[SND]207 Savior.mp32005-09-29 20:41 4.1M 
[SND]208 J-E-N-O-V-A [FFVII AC Version].mp32005-09-29 20:45 5.1M 
[SND]209 Advent - One-Winged Angel.mp32005-09-29 20:54 12M 
[SND]210 Cloud Smiles.mp32005-09-29 20:59 5.7M 
[SND]211 End Credits.mp32005-09-29 21:08 9.3M 
[SND]212 CALLING.mp32005-09-29 19:36 10M