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[SND]1 Good Evening.mp32005-12-12 01:00 1.6M 
[SND]2 Tales of the Great Wars.mp32005-12-12 01:12 20M 
[SND]3 One King.mp32005-12-12 01:19 11M 
[SND]4 Further Up and Further In.mp32005-12-12 01:33 28M 
[SND]5 Intermission-Music for Four Hands-Cup of Trembling.mp32005-12-12 01:42 16M 
[SND]6 Centurion.mp32005-12-12 01:50 14M 
[SND]7 When We Were Young-Goodnight.mp32005-12-12 01:58 15M 
[SND]8 Heroes and Dragons.mp32005-12-12 02:02 6.9M 
[IMG]Lex Rex - back.jpg2005-12-12 02:02 620K 
[IMG]Lex Rex - front.jpg2005-12-12 02:03 914K