The DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project

The aim of this project is to enhance the capabilities of DR-DOS/OpenDOS 7.0x and to add support for new standards to extend the life of this popular PC operating system.
Below you will find some patches to the OpenDOS 7.0x source code that contain the work I have done so far.
To apply these patches, you need the following:
If you do not want to compile the source code yourself, there are also pre-compiled binaries available for download.
DR-DOS 7.01.01 patch binaries
This is the basic patch to the OpenDOS source code. It fixes some compilation problems and changes some strings. Except for this, there are no user-visible changes.
DR-DOS 7.01.02 patch binaries
This patch is somewhat useful. It adds support for ExtendedX partitions (type 0fh) and reports the version of int13 extensions if they are available.
DR-DOS 7.01.03 patch binaries
This version solves the problems with loops in the partition tables. If DR-DOS fails to boot on your PC, try this one out.
DR-DOS 7.01.04 patch binaries
First version that can use LBA BIOS functions to access hard disks larger than 7.8 GB!
DR-DOS 7.01.05 patch binaries
This one adds support for FAT16 partitions up to 4 GB in size.
DR-DOS 7.01.06 WIP (12.9.2003) patch binaries
This is a work-in-progress version of the upcoming DR-DOS 7.01.06 with FAT32 support. Please note that this is an unstable version that shall only demonstrate the progress that was made since the last regular release.
The latest WIP version is already relatively stable and a definite improvement over the first one dated 21.5.2003; reading and writing should work on most FAT32 partitions. Update (12.9.2003): This version allows booting from FAT16 partitions with 64 KB cluster size and fixes bugs regarding some third-party device drivers, e.g. xmsdsk. Also, the dir command now uses thousands delimiters when displaying the amount of free disk space, as requested by a user.
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