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 "Of course I'm Evil.  Aren't you?"

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Recent Site Updates:

  • 22-Sep-02 - I've had so many requests for this that I searched around the net and found a little utility that will extract the .WAV files from, among other things, the Dungeon Keeper SOUND.DAT and SPEECH.DAT files.    I snagged it from what I think is a Russian site (current Link to that site is here)  Hope you guys find this useful.  You'll find it in the Downloads section.
  • 16-Jun-01 - Fixed and reopened the Downloads section.  Nothing here except some official Bullfrog files.  Enjoy!
  • 04-Jun-01 - Added a reader-supplied Level guide for the Deeper Dungeons Realm Batezek.  (Thanks to Alan Griffith [alangriffith@btinternet.com]) 
  • 01-Jun-01 - Added a reader-supplied Level guide for the Deeper Dngeons Realm Abbadon. (Thanks to Alan Griffith [alangriffith@btinternet.com]) 


"When Night does not give way to day,
and Children are too scared to play,
Abandon Hope, Embrace despair
You're destined for my Dragon's Lair"


Come on, admit it.  You've always wanted to take a walk on the dark side.

So you decide to forsake goodness and light.  You want to get some shiny   heroes under your thumb and watch 'em squirm? Of course you do! Who wouldn't?

So you build your dungeon, claim a portal, and wait for your minions to arrive. And what do you get for your trouble?  Some flies and half a dozen beetles...

Sometimes, it just isn't worth getting up in the morning,,,

So, pull up a chair and learn what it takes to lure quality minions to do your evil bidding.

And learn the tricks you need to keep those goody-goody heroes (or rival keepers) from coming in and spoiling all your fun...

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