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Welcome to my Wolfenstein 3D page. Here you will find a collection of more than 90 Wolfenstein related links, one of the largest in the world. There are also many addons and levels to download here. Spear of Destiny and Blake Stone are featured too. My own WolfBel series of levels is listed just below here. And there's much more, so feel free to browse.

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Counter-Wolf released - see Latest Sets...


Levels and links listed here are for the PC, and have now been put into separate pages. Please click on the green strip links. The 'latest news' now comes from 'The Dome', while the 'news archive' remains on 'Demon'. Acorn/Archimedes users have their own section. There are now links and scenarios for Mac users too. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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LATEST SETS (All files are included, unless stated otherwise).

Counter-Wolf Ten new levels, plus many brand new graphics changes, and code changes. Also, a new title screen and help/endart. By Ryan King.

Operation: Gtyuu Only the maps and title screen have been changed. Ten new levels. There are lots of pushwalls (some are hard to find), and it's mostly more difficult to play than the original game. By Jake Rodgers. Needs the registered Wolf3D set to play.

Fraggerstein2 Demo Ten new levels here, mostly on the first 2 episodes. There's a large maze on e1l2, but many of the other levels are smaller. Some graphics and title screen changes. By Topfragger.

METEO - Levels Pack An alternative set of levels for Wes DesJardins TC 'Meteo'. They were made by Johnathan. There are 3 episodes with 5 good levels in each. Quite an enjoyable set.

Secret Weapons Of The Wehrmacht Final version. Eight good levels plus assorted new graphics and sounds. By Ross Williams.

Hell Beneath Sequel to Wolfenstein: Resurrection. Made by Wes DesJardins (Wolf Skevos-Jones also contributed), the first few levels are outdoors. The action then takes place inside. There are 18 well designed levels, mostly quite extensive, plus many new graphics, sounds and code changes.

Wolf3D - TexTK's Story Four episodes of well designed levels. Good effects using ceiling/floor textures and falling rain/snow etc. For me, the falling snow on the episode 4 opening level works especially well. The menu is in Italian, but is basically the same one as in the original game. (For yes, press 's' for si). By TexTK.

Wolfenstein: Resurrection Twenty good levels here, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. The first level is mainly outdoors. By Wes DesJardins. Alex Brosseau and Wolf Skevos-Jones also contributed.

Sod Reborn Alternative vswap for the full Spear set. Put together by 'The Man Who Knows', most of the graphics are other peoples (permission was given and credits are mentioned in the enclosed text file). Ideal for Spear sets that have no new graphics.

Dungeon Hack Two good levels for the Spear Demo by Wes DesJardins. Mostly original graphics but there's one different actor. Needs the Spear demo to play. Spear Of Destiny Demo.

BJ's Last Mission Sixty mostly new levels. Many of the graphics are from Spear and some I've not seen before. The devil 'statue' now moves around! Mostly it all blends together quite well, though there are odd walls that look out of place at times. By George Warren.

NDV (Nazi's Death Valley) Demo Five well decorated levels here for the Spear Of Destiny full version. No new graphics or sounds. By Guillermo Buteler. Also available at Guillermo's site which has a lot more info on the project. It's at Wolfsite. Needs the full version of Spear to play.

METEO Fifteen good levels, Spear music, a new weapon (pistol), plus many other graphics, sounds and code changes. There's a mix of old and new graphics, which blend well together. By Wes DesJardins.

Operation: Heimzahlung Wolf Skevos-Jones' third release. There are 22 levels, plus lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. The levels look good, and the actor sounds are particularly effective. The helpart is also done well. There are a number of pics here. ps - on some levels there are guards that cannot be killed. It's suggested that silent weapons are used on these levels so as not to alert the guards. For more info on this see 'Read This' page 26.

Project: Infiltrate Three level set that Zach Higgins made before 'Project: Vertilgung'. It was thought to be lost until I came across it on my hard drive. It's interesting as it has similarities in some aspects to the later set. Please read Zach's text file before playing.

JJStein: Resurrection Now with 10 levels and a new title screen. There are several new graphics and sounds but the atmosphere of the original game remains. There's a number of basic source changes, including the MLI cheat and debugmode. Beware of the landmines!! By JJ. Updated May 8.

Wolfen-terror Five new levels and lots of graphics changes. Some come from Blake Stone/Spear etc but many are new. There are also many sourcecode changes, new sounds/music, helpart and endart. It all blends well together. This is the first part of what will be a 3 episode set. By Matte Software. Updated April 3 (gold key bug on level 3 fixed).

War Zone Project IV: High Stakes Nine good levels. It's fast moving with plenty of action and a lot of pushwalls! Graphics, sounds and source code changes are similar to those in the earlier War Zone projects. By Dtrade.

TRTD v1.0 (The Road To Despair). Now has 48 levels (the previous version had 29). The graphics are vastly altered. You might not recognize a few of the levels because of altered graphics! By Executor. Requires a copy of Totengraeber II to play.

The Golden Episodes Sixty well designed levels with lots of cool graphics and sounds changes. There are many source code changes too and I particularly like the text messages at the start of each episode. By Ariel Castañares.

Den Of Evil Eleven levels, Spear graphics, plus lots of sounds and title screen changes. It's well designed, but difficult to beat. If you like lots of dungeons and pushwalls then you'll enjoy this. By DTrade.

Projekt: Vertilgung v1.3 Enhanced version. Several bugs removed. Twenty well designed levels, and a lot of graphics, sounds and source code changes. A very well made set. By Zach Higgins and James Ingham. Will Bruso also contributed.

Blake Evolution Uses the Blake Stone sounds and graphics set converted to Wolf3D by Andy Nonymous. There are 9 new levels (all are pretty good) and the secret level comes from 'Blake Wolf'. There's more info, including the storyline, in the enclosed text file. By Johnathan.

Schabbs 9000 Five levels, plus a whole host of Doom type graphics and sounds. New title screen, plus new helpart/endart files. By Kyle Fisher. I did the last 3 levels.

Sport Woooolf Each of the first 5 episodes has either 2 or 3 levels. There's a wide range of level designs which on the whole are pretty good. There are a number of graphics and sounds changes, but the atmosphere of the original game remains. By Agnieszka.

Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition A 'Tribute To John Bucksnort' by various authors. There are 21 straight seamless levels, plus lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. I feel it's an excellent set - one that John would have been proud of - and it serves very well as a tribute to the 'mutant maker'.

An error was found on level 15 (white key not accessible). This was fixed Jan 3, 2003. Revised maps (41Kb) are available here for those who've already downloaded the earlier version.

Escape From Totenhaus Another Mac conversion from Laz Rojas. Originally released on the Mac in 1996, it's now available for PC users. There's 10 very good levels (first episode) and a lot of new graphics and sounds. Also available is Halten Sie! Ten straight levels here which are well designed and replace the first episode. There are a number of graphics and sound changes but the original 'feel' of Wolf3D remains. Both sets need the full version of Wolf3D to play.

Imprisoned (Final Version) Twenty levels by Tornado. Some graphics are from Doom though many are unchanged and the atmosphere of the original Wolf3D remains. There are some sounds and source code changes, plus a new title screen. There's a lot of info about the project in the supplied doc file.

Mutantstein V - Gottspear Thirteen well designed levels, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. It's a fast moving set with plenty of action. Some keys are in hidden rooms. By Bobby Bucksnort. Needs the registered Wolf3D game to play.

The Lost Episodes (Revisited) Four levels - the 3rd is a very large level mainly revamped from a Lost Episodes 3 level - and the other 3 are smaller, though original and of good quality. Graphics and sounds, as expected, are from the original sets. New exe. By Kyle Fisher. Also available is the 3 level Assassinate Hitler 2 Demo. What's there is done well, though the levels are not that large.

Project Eisenritter 20 well designed levels, plus lots of good graphics and sounds. There's one large seamless episode with 7 weapons and new keys. The 'read this' from the menu is particularly well done. By Wolf Skevos-Jones.

Zombies Five levels with well designed layouts, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. Some effects are quite spectacular. The first 3 levels are mainly outdoors while the 4th and Boss levels are set inside. By Wes Desjardins. Also available is the sequel Zombies In LA (9 levels).

Starship Trooper Demo There's just one level and not all the new graphics have been done yet, but there's enough in it to show how good the final version is likely to be. By The Alien Fan.

Vampire Five levels, plus a number of graphics and sounds changes. Instead of Hans Grosse you get Schabbs, and he's on all levels!! By JJ. Also available is Scarystein (v2.0) Five new levels on episode 1 and one level on episode 2. There's a new nasty looking Hans Grosse plus other graphics/sounds changes and changed ceiling colours etc. I helped with some of the levels.

The Hunt Ten well designed levels (including a secret level). There are graphics and source code changes, but the atmosphere of the original game is still there. It is difficult to beat - there are pushwalls on most levels which you need to open to find the exits - and there are bosses on some normal levels. Lots of action, and lots of mutants!! By Harry Mass Senior. Needs the registered Wolf3D game to play.

Counterwolf Dates from year 2000. Twenty new levels plus many new wall designs, other graphics, source code changes and title screen. Quite effective, and difficult to play at times!!

Wolfenken By Kenny Roels. Thirty four levels and they're pretty good ones, plus butt-kicking features, new pulsating sound effects and graphics. Also available are Dark Dungeon I (45 levels), Dark Dungeon II (40 levels).

Doomsday Original graphics and originally made by Brian Larsen, Bernt Hansen has made a few improvements to most levels. All ten levels are new and the secret level is reached from the boss level. It's quite an enjoyable set, at least judging from the first few levels, and will especially suit those who like the original game.

Redemption Ten very well designed levels and a new title screen. Although there are some graphics and sound changes (including a new boss), it will especially suit those who prefer the original game. The first few levels are easy to beat but it gets much harder after that. By Will Hooper. Also available World War III: Special Edition.

Adolf's Last Stand 21 extensive levels which are quite complex at times. Some keys are in secret areas. Uses Spear graphics. By Bryan Banfield.

Countdown To Disaster Same storyline as 'Wolf 3D - Episode Six - Confrontation'. There are 13 normal levels, plus a Boss and 2 secret levels. They are high quality - and they are quite extensive. There are many graphics imported from 'Spear' and also some source code changes such as a different music order and two new keys. A very good set overall by Gary Ragland. Needs the full version of 'Wolf 3D' to play.

Day Of The Chaingun Six new levels, plus a number of graphics not seen elsewhere. There's also many title screen changes. The levels are well designed and of a fair size though not extensive. By Ross Williams. Also available by the same author is GORE There's 7 well designed levels. Set in the future, with a number of new graphics not seen elsewhere, new sounds and many title screen changes. Burgerstein Characters are replaced with burgers, hotdogs and soda cups. Seven levels of a fair size, though not that extensive.

Chemical Warfare Over 40 very well designed levels which loosely follow the plot of episode four. Some graphics are from other TC's and there are many source code changes, but it retains the atmosphere of the original game very well. By Jack Ryerson.

The Thing Six well designed levels and a large number of graphics, sounds and source code changes. The title screen is totally revamped. Set in Antarctica, the images are quite effective. Watch out for those nasty spiders!! By Wes Desjardins.

other sets (over four hundred more) are listed in the levels sections - see under CONTENTS near the top of this page

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Wolfbel.ZIP Alternative Download Site

For Wolfenstein 3D - extra levels for the original 60 level set. This set comprises 37 new levels plus many others that have been substantially changed.

These levels have been designed to play with the original 60 level VSWAP file. No attempt has been made to change any objects or guards.

All levels play OK on PC and Acorn/Archimedes machines.


WLFbel2.ZIP - download it here

Sixty new levels. Format is similar to the first Wolfbel. Difficulty level is difficult, and objects, guards and walls remain the same.

Again, all levels play OK on PC and Acorn/Archimedes machines. 




WLFBel3.ZIP - 57 new levels now completed.

Format is again similar to my previous Wolfbel sets. Difficulty level is difficult, and objects, guards and walls stay the same. Thomas Hubert did the 45th level! The remaining 3 levels are modified Wolfbel levels. All levels play OK on PC and Acorn/Archimedes machines. 

Download, and more screenshots here.



Escape From SS Prison - 10 new levels

Graphics and new sounds by Ronny Zeitz. I did the new levels. Difficulty level is similar to my Wolfbel sets. All files are included.

The PC version does not work on Acorn/Archimedes computers. Acorn users should click here for a specially edited version.



Blake Wolf - 10 new levels for shareware 1.4 version

Graphics and new sounds by A. Nonymous. I did the new levels. Difficulty level is similar to my Wolfbel sets. All files are included.

This set is compatible with Acorn/Archimedes computers.



W.O.T.H II: Milly F. Fox Saves J.T.H. (It's full title is Wrath Of The Hedgehog II: Milly F. Fox Saves John The Hedgehog). Although the levels come from the first W.O.T.H. set, there've been many changes made. Also, there's a lot of source code changes, including new Read This and End Game messages. By John Hedgehog and myself. All files are included.

Revised beta version - updated 3/27/01 - some revised levels and Read This messages. Updated again 4/15/01 - major changes to episode 2, levels 7 & 8, minor changes to some other levels. Saved game added (episode 2, level 6).


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