will i have done it i have got dma working

card    bus    tested  type
NV05    PCI      NO
NV05    AGP_1x   NO
NV05    AGP_2x  YES    GrCommands , ImageData , Texture
NV05    AGP_4x   NO

Command pipes ( i have made)
Nv04Dma           DONE      ( real dma )
Nv04DmaToPio      DONE        io
Nv04DmaToCache1   TESTING     io ( may be faster than PIO )

NV04 - 06 block diagram ( if some one can tell me a good linux package to use )

driver (to be moved to kernel (LEXOS) )( when a have cleaned it up and got some more demos going )

more to come
        This page is not complete
    David Rundle <sector2@ihug.co.nz>
    Sebastien Bernard <bernarbs@club-internet.fr>

About the driver:
1 . this driver incomplete and is for reference

it works on my test system which is

PII-233 Mhz 512 CACHE
64 MB SDRAM ( 32 for linux and 32 for nv04 dma buffer)
AGP 01:00.0 10de:0029 Nv05 AGP 32 MB of 5.5 ns SGRAM

To get it to run you first need to set up the 440BX_AGP chip
i use setpci

setpci -v -s 00:00.0 a4.l
00:00.0:a4 = 1f0000203            ( this will tell you what your agp system can do )
    /* bit 0 AGP_X1 supported */
    /* bit 1 AGP_X2 supported */
    /* bit 2 AGP_X4 supported */


    /* bit 24-31  Maximum Request Depth         */

this data is used to load the AGPCMD reg
setpci -v -s 00:00.0 a8.l=00000302 ( this enables you agp system )

    /* bit 0-2  1=AGP_X1 , 2=AGP_X2 , 3=AGP_X4 (only AGP_X2 has been tested) */
    /* bit   8  set to 1 to enable AGP */
    /* bit   9  set to 1 to enable AGP_SIDE_BAND_ADDRESSING */

you all so need some non-cached memory i did this by adding
mem=33554432 ( this tells the kernel to use only 32MB ram so the rest of the mem is for you )
to the boot line
them you need to make the memory uncacheable (i have not done this but IT SHOULD BE DONE!!!!)
you have to do something to /proc/mtrr ( if someone know what email me thanks ) 

then you will have to edit the file ./derivers/nv04-6/config.h
this has some defaults for your system in it
and the pci card list ( you may need to add your card in hear )

when you run it it waits for you to hit enter at points in the prog
it will not restore the video mode ( will add this is v-0.0.2 )
it will do 2 NV01_IMAGE_BLIT 's and 1 NV01_RENEDR_SOLID_RECATANGLE  ( bye dma command)
if it has worked

    dos any how the methods for NV03_MEMORY_TO_MEMORY_FORMAT

   0.0.x user
>= 0.1.0 kernel

            Nv04KernelSrc.zip v 0.0.1