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Welcome to the Cottontail OS Development Library. Here you will be able to download virtually any programming-oriented information that is available for computer hardware devices, processors, and operating system development. Need to write code for an ATA/IDE hard drive? How about a video or sound card? Ethernet or networking? We've got that. There are e-books, hardware reference manuals, programming guides, datasheets, and source code on nearly every subject imaginable. If this is your first visit, may I invite you to read the Manifesto and Statement of Purpose.

The entire Library is about 370MB. You can download it, or you can get it on CD. Two CD copies (in case one is a bad burn) of the current version of the Cottontail OS Development Library are available for $5.00, shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. International shipping may cost more. If you are interested in purchasing a CD, email me at NOfrankm29aSPAM-REMOVE@aol.com. I'll take payments via PayPal, which will help defray the cost of maintaining this website and the significant cost of shipping.


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