Download this first.  If you can't make QEMM 8.03 work, you're wasting your time!   Disk 1 (1,262,783) Disk 2 (1,207,463) Patch from 8.x to 8.03  (838,015).  Read the patch disk's KEY file.  See below for QEMM9 (aka QEMM97).

DESQview 2.8 (616,128). TechNotes (103,003).  Be in your DV direcory, run PKUNZIP -d A:TECHNOTE

DV API Disk 1 (2,275) Disk 2 (80,637) Disk 3 (18,173)

DV Companions (466,986).  Unzip into your DV directory and run AUTOINST

DESQview/X 2.0 (contributed) (More / better networking software than v2.10.  If you need networking, install this then upgrade to v2.10) FILE-ID.DIZ (renamed) Disk 1 (1,137,642) Disk 2  (1,192,720) Disk 3 (1,211,091) Disk 4 (1,210,556) Disk 5 (1,209,525) Disk 6 (1,143,126) Disk 7 (1,148,126) Disk 8 (1,178,204) Disk 9 (1,326,043)

DESQview/X 2.1 Disk 1 (1,103,967) Disk 2  (934,298) Disk 3 (1,262,818) Disk 4 (1,208,692) Disk 5 (1,210,373) Disk 6 (1,214,297) Disk 7 (1,133,304) Disk 8 (1,158,277) FREEdisk (9) (1,323,877)

At long last, the Motif window manager! (534,806) in RAR format.  Again, this one's in Zip format.
Open Look window manager OLWM (264,205)
LWP DOS client(1,179,829)

Extract (use "-d") each ZIP file to an empty floppy diskette.  Read the KEY file on disk 1.   Don't ask for help.  You're on your own.  Quarterdeck is out of business; their ashes were acquired by Symantec, who cannot even spell DESQview.  Post questions to comp.os.msdos.desqview.  (Or to Poopdeck, but don't say we sent you there.)

QEMM 97 (5,034,842), the most recent version.   Thanks to Andrew D. Jones.
Novell Client32 2.71 for DOS (8,928,258).  Thanks to Philip Chee.  You can download, unzip and RTFM (1,149,479) in PDF format.  Thanks to cstuettg@neosoft.com.

Links to other sites, some information and more executables:
Sean, AKA Aradia, maintains an FTP site here.
Simtel's stash of DV-related stuff.
Novell Client32 2.71 and some documentation are here.
buck's Client32 for logging in to a NetWare server; Working configuration files.
Enrique's Client32 TCP/IP; Working configuration files.  Thanks to Enrique.
A pair of TCP/IP executables (different RAM requirements): tcp16.exe (170,435) and tcp1607.exe (124,668).  Thanks again to Enrique.

COMING (eventually - or is that "maybe"?) to a theatre near you

Documentation - whatever we can scare up.  Your help is needed!
Whatever you send us that we think is worthwhile.  Point to it in comp.os.msdos.desqview and we'll take it from there.

A few words about name resolution:  If chsoft.com fails to resolve to, or if andthatsjazz fails to resolve to, complain (politely) to your ISP.