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Alfredo was the original stick figure anti-hero who's adventures were chronicled on the electronic magazines Softdisk and Big Blue Disk. Here I present to you his adventures in .wmv format. Or you can download the binary files here, and use DOSbox at 800-1000 cycles to view them old skool stylee.

Episode 01
Alfredo's Lost Cause
[ download ]
Episode 02
Alfredo's Transport Troubles
[ download ]
Episode 03
Alfredo's Laser Lament
[ download ]
Episode 04
Alfredo's Digestive Dilemma
[ download ]
Episode 05
Alfredo's Crushing Curiosity
[ download ]
Episode 06
Alfredo's Whopping Wattage
[ download ]
Episode 07
Alfredo's Fiery Fiasco
[ download ]
Episode 08
Alfredo's Hulking Hubris
[ download ]
Episode 09
Alfredo's Nuclear Nuisance
[ download ]
Episode 10
Alfredo's Moriferous Mentality
[ download ]
Episode 11
Alfredo's Faulty Finale
[ n/a ]
Episode 12
Alfredo's Miserable Moniker
[ n/a ]
Episode 13
Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise
[ n/a ]
Will there ever be more
Alfredo adventures?
Will anyone be brave enough
to bring Alfredo back to life?

Who will heed the call of the
original stick figuire anti-hero?


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